10 effective ways to lower your greenhouse gas emissions (Visual)

At an individual level, we are all responsible for our own personal consumption. Any effort by people who are healthy and well to cycle or walk more, turn down the heating, use less electricity will all have beneficial impacts on reducing fossil fuel reliance.

Here are some other simple measures people can try to reduce their carbon footprint:

In the supermarket:

  • 1. Check for and avoid palm oil in weekly shop items including bread, sweets, nut butters and sauces
  • 2. Avoid buying red meat in the supermarket, buy at butchers and preserve for weekends or special occasions.

  • 3. Only use reusable shopping bags, including for fruit and veg.

At home:

  • 4. Consider using an ecoegg or similar for your clothes washing and wash at lower temperatures
  • 5. Use a stainless steel water bottle and refrain from buying plastic water/soda bottles
  • 6. Use a bamboo toothbrush
  • 7. Take shorter, colder showers and use a plastic free soap bar

Heading out:

  • 8. Fly less, fly economy, travel light with less luggage
Google FLights
  • 9. Aim to become a one car (or if possible no-car) household.
  • 10. Buy only second hand and domestically manufactured clothes where possible


Colm is a Madrid based QA Engineer from Terenure with a passion for sustainable transport. Amongst his motivations for this project, he would like to see Ireland achieve a 'very high' rating in the annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), an independent monitoring tool for tracking countries’ climate protection performance.

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